via Daily Prompt: Chuckle

“I don’t know why they call it a field trip. We don’t ever go to any fields.” –Opie Taylor, The Andy Griffith Show

Today was absolutely frustrating. You know the kind, the boss is never happy and you never do anything right and no matter what you’re always two steps behind. Chuckles and laughter were a small part of my day. With the negative points taking over my day, when I saw the Daily Promo: Chuckle it made me chuckle. How can I write about chuckling when I’ve spend all afternoon and evening remembering everything that made me upset today? Well, insert Opie Taylor. I love this quote from the show and the curiosity and observation of a young boy. Every time I think of it, it really does make me laugh. So now, I’m trying to focus on what did make me laugh today instead of dwelling on what made my blood pressure rise. Who knew focusing on the positive can turn everything around.

Positives? It gets hard having two jobs, but when I have the opportunity to interview people who are passionate about what they do, just like I’m passionate about The Voice magazine, I LOVE talking with them. It’s even better because it’s an atmosphere where each party is comfortable so everyone feels comfortable enough to crack a joke and let out a true laugh. Not one of those office laughs that’s only tolerating the chatter.

It’s time for more chuckles with The Golden Girls reruns. If these ladies don’t make you smile then nothing will.

What about your day? What made you chuckle?


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