Three of my champions:

My mother: I consider it a true blessing I’ve been so close to my mother all my life. She really is the strongest person I know.

My (un-biological) sister: She’s fearless and I want to be just like her. Fun, carefree, successful, and loving. What more could you need. I want every day of my life to be just as fun as hers.

My manager: With every hair in place every minute of the day, she dominates the workforce. Beauty, talent, reputation, dignity. Role model.

Each of these women have no idea how much they mean to me and how they continue to shape me and encourage me to pursue my dreams.

These are my champions. Tell me about yours.



4 thoughts on “Champions”

  1. Hey Tori,
    This is really cute! I would never have thought that your manager would be in this list and that is awesome! It is nice to know what someone truly means to us. Beautiful post! 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading! I’m very happy to have a manager who is focused on detail and is always ready with constructive criticism. I agree, it’s great to have people we are passionate about. Thank you for your kind words!

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