A Final Farwell to 2015


Wow. What I hear you were 2015. For most of us you turned out to be much different than how we expected. You were probably one of the worst years ever. You definitely brought some challenges with you but you deserve more credit for the amazing teacher you were.

From day one you never stopped with the lessons that would give me everything I need to go in to this brand new year fully aware of what I hope to find. 2015 you were 365 days of challenge and trial, but you made me realize so much about myself and you even allowed me to become stronger.

With all of that said, here are the two biggest things I want to say thank you for.

  1. Thank you for helping me work on patience

This time last year, I was going in and out of hospitals and doctors’ offices but getting no answers. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, but slowly it began to come into view and I realized I was still okay. Life doesn’t give us what we want the second we ask for it, but sometimes struggle is the greatest teacher. I don’t want to go back to the period of my life with such pain and fear, but I’m so blessed to have an experience that helped me grow in my knowledge about medical procedures and health, that now the I hopefully can help others that are going through similar experiences that I had.  Patience is about living in the now and focusing on the things that make me happy, and that’s what I want to do in 2016

     2. Thank you for the heartbreak
Heartbreak sucks, and I had my fair share of it this year. It hurts and it’s hard but once again what I thought was the end of the world turned out to be a simple bump in the world. 2015 I was so upset that there was so much heartbreak this year, but every time I encountered it I felt like I became so much more comfortable with myself and I learned how to be independent. I know that I don’t need anyone else to complete me. I know that I am not perfect but someone will accept me anyway. I know that it’s okay to focus on me, because if I don’t how will I ever be able to really give my best to someone else? 2016 will be about me. I want to be the best me possible for myself first, and then for everyone else.
There is much more that I could say about 2015, but I want to keep this one short and sweet. 2015 is already over, so why talk about the past for too long?
Thank you 2015, may everything I’ve learned follow me into this new year. Welcome to the classroom 2016, let’s see what you’ve got.

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