What To Remember While Adventuring

Today was a day of adventure. I went across the Causeway by myself for the first time. I found my way around Metairie and I even made it to LaPlace all by myself (with the help of the gps). I had a great day shopping, being care free, and seeing my best friend Hailey.

I even had a great time getting a little lost and making a few U-turns. Sometimes its okay to get a little lost. It can even be fun. But then again, it can be a hassle and make you want to kick yourself in the butt.

5 things to keep in mind while on your adventure:

1. Pay Attention:

Seriously, stop listening to your GPS or direction giver, and notice what is around you. Buildings, billboards, anything.

2. Always Go Back  The Same Way You Went:

Yeah, again, seriously do this. It’s the whole purpose for point number 1. Even if you notice that there is a way for you to get back to your starting point without going through town and dealing with the crazy traffic. GO THE WAY YOU CAME. Why? Because if you don’t, you will most likely getting more lost than the first time, and you’ll tell yourself the entire way back, “I wish I would have gone the other way”.

3. Turn Around Don’t Drown

What’s the story on this one? Well, as I was trying to make my way from LaPlace to Hammond, I was going down this road until a sign said “High Water Ahead”. And then 2 seconds later, there was water. EVERYWHERE. Never trust the water. It’s like that bully you had in elementary school, its bigger than you. So, in the middle of the road, I made a giant U-turn to save my car from turning in to a pool. It’s never a good day to make your car a private pool. Therefore, always always always, listen to the “High Water Ahead” sign and turn around.

4. Sometimes The End Of The Road Is Where The Treasure Lies

All day long I racked my brain as the where I could find the game Pokeno. Everywhere I went ended up being a bust. Until finally, I went to the grocery store. Of all places, the grocery store had the game. Why? I have no idea, but the joy I had when my eyes landed on it made the entire day worth it. I was pretty exhausted from driving what seemed to be around the world, but I couldn’t wait to play Pokeno with my family. (Which we didn’t and I was pretty upset.)

5. Enjoy The View

Take the time to be unplugged.  Listen to the radio and sing at the top of your lungs. Reflect on what has been going in your life and how you can make it better. It’s not very often that you get to have a day that you can take your time on a trip and do whatever you want. Take advantage of it. Stop along the road and take a photo. Slow down a little bit so you can admire the scenery. Who knows, you may even think to yourself, “Huh, maybe this place really isn’t that bad”.

Getting lost happens, and that’s okay. When it does, make the most of it. Take a deep breath and see it as a chance to explore parts of your state, city or whatever that you may otherwise never get to see. Besides, making a few U-Turns won’t kill you.

Blog Playlist:

Billy Jean–Michael Jackson

Play It Again–Luke Bryan

Dirty Deeds–AC/DC


All of Me–John Legend

That’s My Kind of Night–Luke Bryan


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