What I learned while Knife Cleaning

“Your love is like a river flowing from my heat. You love is like a rock that I am standing on.” Your Love Is Like A River– Third Day


A few weeks ago I went on an adventure. It was an experimental adventure and could have been a little dangerous. On this adventure, I tried my hand at cleaning some old rusty knives. Here’s you a little background…

My boyfriend Tyler is a knife/sword/all things with a sharp edge collector. As I was going through some things that belonged to my grandfather, I found a pocket knife and a pocket saw. I knew immediately that I wanted to give them to Tyler as a gift. He would absolutely love them. On the outside they were in decent condition, a little dusty, but decent. On the inside though they were rusted and the hardest things to pry open. I then decided that I need to clean them so Tyler would be able to admire them and open them with ease. I took to Pintrest to find the answer as to how one can repair a knife. If you would like to learn how, you can click here.

So all of that brings us to my adventure. I used the lemon juice just like the instructions said. I let the knives soak just like it said and I got a scrub pad just like it said. And yet those pesky rust spots did not want to go away. So I used all the power I had and scrubbed the snot out of those things. Slowly but surely I began to see a change. The rust was disappearing and all that was left were a nice and shining pocket knife and pocket saw.

As I was doing this though, I got to thinking about how the past can get ahold of me and never let go. How one simple or huge mistake can have hold on you and no matter what you do, it is always there reminding you of how badly you messed up. It can even be the same way with our sin. We know when we have disobeyed God, and we know that we must ask for forgiveness. But sometimes, it just doesn’t seem to be enough. The guilt and regret just won’t go away. This is a side effect of being human, and a weapon Satan uses against us.

Whenever we mess up, it doesn’t make us incapable of being used by God. Just like the pocket knife had gotten rusty, it was still fully able to cut through stuff. Even in our mistakes, God can use us in extraordinary ways. Satan however will be there telling us that we can’t do anything. That someone so unworthy and a person who has made so many mistakes can not be used for anything. What we must remember is that whatever he says is one huge lie.

These are some of the most crucial times that we must run to Jesus. Being in His presence drowns out the rest of the world and the tactics of the enemy. He will provide you with strength and reassure you that you were made for a purpose. When we ask for forgiveness, our sin is completely washed away. It make take us a little while to forget what we have done, but as we talk with the Lord and trust in Him, it will soon be a distant memory. Just like it took time and work to make the rust come off of the knives, it takes time and fellowship with the Lord to focus on Him and know that we have been washed white as snow.  “But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all[a] sin.” 1 John 1:7

You were made for a purpose and have a unique calling. No matter what you’ve done or who you’ve been, it’s never to late to be the person you were meant to be. Get into His Word today and discover all the wonder promises He has made to you. Get started on your own adventure.

Blog Playlist:

Your Love Is Like A River– Third Day

How Great Thou Art– Carrie Underwood

In The Garden– Alan Jackson

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