Food Is the Way to the Heart

The inside is just how I knew it would be. The sunlight beaming in from the large windows on either side of the front door illuminate the room and the candy wrappers all over the coffee table. Empty soda cans and a few beer bottles were lined up on the edge. The television was broadcasting an episode of Sports Center and the volume was loud enough to be heard from every room in the house. There was noise coming from the kitchen, that was out of place.


I’ll Keep My Hard Copy

A few days ago, one of my colleagues trashed her dictionary. It was a dinosaur copy with a missing front cover, yellowed pages and paper clips holding the sections together. So now with a book in the trash, she set out to the campus bookstore to purchase a new one. When she came back I… Continue reading I’ll Keep My Hard Copy


via Daily Prompt: Chuckle "I don't know why they call it a field trip. We don't ever go to any fields." --Opie Taylor, The Andy Griffith Show Today was absolutely frustrating. You know the kind, the boss is never happy and you never do anything right and no matter what you're always two steps behind.… Continue reading Haha


Champion Three of my champions: My mother: I consider it a true blessing I've been so close to my mother all my life. She really is the strongest person I know. My (un-biological) sister: She's fearless and I want to be just like her. Fun, carefree, successful, and loving. What more could you need. I want… Continue reading Champions